china national film museum

China National Film Museum Invitation to Special Events for the Spring Festival Holiday

     The China National Film Museum will celebrate the Spring Festival with fireworks, family reunions, and temple fairs. In addition to these traditional activities of the Chinese New Year, the Museum offers you and your family another choice for enjoying New Year Festivities with a “delicious film banquet”.
     During the New Year Holiday, China National Film Museum provides various activities for visitors: 5 Theaters will be open at the same time screening more than 200 contemporary and classic films. IMAX Cinema offers exciting large format films. There will be 6-10 films showing in the museum every day, not only including former classic New Year greeting movies such as , , but also with the latest hits such as and . Moreover, the large screen movie , 3-D movie , and the first Chinese IMAX Film - will be available in the museum. You can also find hundreds of video and audio products and books on film industry in the museum shop. In addition, there are other activities in holiday season such the Lantern Riddle.
     The exhibitions in China National Film Museum are beautiful and informative. 20 exhibition halls tell the story of the more than 100 years of the Chinese Film industry. The Cinematography Collection comprises a vast array of filmmaking equipment necessary for the whole process of creating films, including movie cameras, projectors, editing devises, special effects, recording, developing and printing.
     The China National Film Museum will provide you with a pleasant tour of the most comprehensive collections in the film industry, the best set of contemporary and classic films, videos and audio references and many other interesting activities.