china national film museum

China National Film Museum Officially Opens to the Public

    After one year of preparation, the China National Film Museum was officially opened on February 10, 2007. Mr. Liu Jian Zhong, former General Director of the State Administration of the Radio Film and Television Film Bureau and the head of the China National Film Museum exhibition preparation board, became the first person to pay admission to visit the museum. Some film industry celebrities became the first group of visitors to the museum.

    China National Film Museum is currently the largest professional film museum in the world. Serving as a memorial to the birth of the China film over a century ago, the remarkable building demonstrates the development of the China film industry. The museum explores the latest film technology, promotes film culture, and hosts academic exchange seminars and research activities.

    The China National Film Museum has 20 exhibition halls. The museum’s diverse collection encompasses the best, most significant and important visual materials from more than 1,500 films.

    The museum also has an extensive photography collection (with more than 4300 photographs) and documents from more than 450 film industry pioneers.

    In addition, the China National Film Museum has an IMAX cinema, a state of the art digital projector, and three 35mm cinemas. The IMAX cinema in the museum is equipped with world class technology, the best visual system in the world, the largest screen in Asia, and a six channel soundtrack system. IMAX provides the viewer with the ultimate film experience